Hi all, Friso here! I’m the game designer of Reign of Bullets.
We have been talking about modifying weapons a lot and since it’s one of the main features of Reign of Bullets, let’s go deeper into how this modification system works.

The challenge of designing weapon modification was to identify the common properties of all weapons. Instead of having 100 different properties divided among all weapons, we decided to choose 9 properties that are applicable to each weapon: damage, fire rate, range, projectiles, speed, targeting, piercing, splitting and special. These 9 properties are the building blocks that you can modify as a player.

But what does that mean and how does it work?

Let me explain this with an example of a basic weapon: the blaster.

blaster randje

Let’s say you find a blaster with a modifier slot during a battle and you also have a few modifiers lying around. You can choose to modify your blaster with, for example a level 3 damage mod. This means you will add more damage to each blaster shot. But you can also for example place a level 5 splitting mod. This would give a 50% chance that a blaster shot splits into 2 smaller projectiles that can hit enemies behind the first target. The more mod slots a weapon has the more modifiers you can install!

The trick and challenge for you as player is of course to find the best setup that both suits your playstyle, works well in different situation and overall has a high damage output (dps). The example that I mentioned above is just a very small portion of what’s possible in Reign of Bullets.

In the next few weeks, we will tell you more specifically what each mod can do for a specific weapon. We will also give you some insight about ‘core mods’. They have the ability to change weapons entirely and create even more advanced weapons.

I can imagine that this might be a bit overwhelming to understand, but all these concepts are introduced gradually throughout the game. More on this is coming soon!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us.