Hurrah! We’re on Greenlight!

We’re proud to show Reign of Bullets and involve you, the public, the gaming masses in its further development. We really enjoy making Reign of Bullets and we hope you will have just as much fun playing it!

If you ever played ‘Raptor: Call of Shadow’, ‘R-type’ or ‘Tyrian’, you probably know how much fun it is to shoot through endless waves of enemies and upgrade your ship. With Reign of Bullets we’ve tried to revive this old school genre, while adding new and interesting twists like extreme modification and an epic loot system.

When we look back, we’ve also been influenced by games like Diablo 3 and Borderlands 2. We tried to take the best of two worlds, classic shoot ‘em up action and modern RPG games and blended into an experience that should interest both hardcore modders and players who just want to shoot and watch things explode.

Since we are still in development we’d really like your input to improve the game furthers. What would you like to see in the game? What works and what doesn’t? And most importantly, would you play the game? If you want to get involved, keep a close eye on our Greenlight page, comment or visit Reign of Bullets on Facebook!

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