drone carrier artist progress

We have been working on Reign of Bullets for a while now and it is time to give an idea of the current status and our plans for the future, so here it goes:

Current features

We have currently implemented the following features:

  • Endless mode: Randomly generated levels that increase in difficulty.
  • 3 Basic weapons and 3 advanced weapons.
  • Modifiers: 9 modifiable stats on each weapon that can be upgraded through modifiers.
  • Special stats; Each weapon has 1 special stat which has an effect specific to that weapon.
  • Loot system: Loot drops and level rewards based on level difficulty, weapon stats increase depending on their level.
  • Salvaging: Salvage your guns for scrap or salvage a modifier from the gun.
  • Custom ship setup with player controlled weapon placement and rotation.
  • Ship upgrades: increase your maximum HP and maximum number of weapons
  • 6 different enemies: Each enemy has several movement patterns and shooting behaviours.
  • DPS meter (damage per second).
  • Controller support: This game is best played with a controller on a tv-screen.

Planned features

What we have planned for the near future:

  • Music and sound effects.
  • Boss battles.
  • 2 more basic weapons and 2 more advanced weapons.
  • Level select: Progress through different areas, unlock new areas, switch between endless mode and story mode.
  • Storyline: Play through the entire story, brought to you through conversations and stills between levels.
  • Epic loot: Besides common drops, you can find rare and epic loot. These weapons have better stats than common weapons.

After that, we will be adding more content (more enemies, movement patterns, bosses, levels), tweaking the gameplay and polish the game. Think about balancing difficulty, camera shake, visual effects, interface tweaks and some other things that you probably won’t notice, but still add a lot to the gameplay.

That’s it for now. Which features would you like to see in Reign of Bullets? Let us know!