Shoot ‘em up action

Fight through waves of enemies, dodge enemy bullets, defeat screen filling bosses and shoot everything down. Reign of Bullets is a classic shoot ‘em up with a few twists. The gameplay is accessible to newcomers, but offers challenge on higher difficulty levels, this makes it suitable for both players who are new to the genre and hardcore shoot ‘em up fans.

Diverse Areas
There are several areas to explore, all with their own enemies, environmental hazards and bosses. You fight your way through different types of landscape while you make your way to the industrial homelands of the evil Titan Corporation.

Unlimited levels
Besides the campaign mode, you can also play the endless mode. In this mode you play through the same area in levels of increasing difficulty. Since the levels are generated semi-randomly, you can keep on playing this mode and grind for better weapons.

Epic loot

One thing that makes Reign of Bullets different from other shoot ‘em ups is the loot system. Reign of Bullets offers the player a great variety in weapons and weapon statistics through an RPG like loot system. Crunch the numbers to get the best dps (damage per second) out of your guns.

Big arsenal of weapons
There are 5 basic weapons and 5 advanced weapons that all have different strengths and weaknesses. Create the ideal setup for different areas and bosses. Position weapons tactically on your ship to cover a wide area with your different weapons.

Weapon levels and rarity
Weapons come in different shapes and colours, some weapons more rare than others. When you fight through the levels you can pick up and earn weapons that increase in strength when you progress through the game. Weapons have both a level and rarity, rarities range from common to epic. An epic weapon has more naturally boosted stats than common weapons and are much stronger than other weapons found of the same level.

Collect scrap for upgrades
During the levels you will have to collect the scrap from fallen enemies to increase your own firepower. You can spend the scrap you collect ingame in the hangar on ship upgrades and weapon upgrades.


9 modifiable properties
If all the different weapons aren’t enough for you, you can customize your weapons even further. Each weapon has 9 properties that can be upgraded ranging from a simple damage or fire rate increase to adding an area of effect damage or splitting chance of your gun. These properties can have different effects on each weapon.

Unlimited upgrade levels
Since the game has an infinite amount of levels, the upgrade levels are also infinite. This can lead to very extreme weapons and a screen filled with projectiles and damage numbers.

Combine different modifiers
And in case your need for upgrading still isn’t satisfied, you can also combine different modifiers, creating an endless variation in weapons.