What is Reign of Bullets?

Reign of Bullets is a shoot ‘em up with RPG elements where you can upgrade and tweak your ship to great extent. You can modify every aspect of every weapon and completely change the setup of your ship.

Will it be an old school bullet hell?

Not really, the focus is more on ship customization and building the ultimate setup of weapons. Although the game will still be pretty hard and there are still a lot of bullets to be dodged, the challenges in this game can always be overcome by getting more guns.

Who made this game?

Critical Bit, a Dutch indie studio consisting of 4 people that creates both entertainment and serious games. Have a look at our website: Critical Bit’s Homepage

What’s up with the cartoony graphics?

We’ve seen too much retro graphics in indie games lately. With all respect to pixel artists, but come on people, we have a lot of nice, different colours these days! And there’s 2.073.600 pixels at your disposal on an average screen!

Oh, and the style and colours work pretty well on a tv-screen from a distance, you should try it once.

Will there be insane bosses?

What a silly question..

How many levels will there be?

An infinite amount. No, really, levels are generated procedurally and automatically scale in difficulty. We haven’t made it past level 150 though, so we’re not sure what happens after that, I mean.. there’s a whole new world for you to explore there!

When will RoB be released?

August 19 2015!

I have questions and feedback, where do I go?

We love questions and feedback, feel free to send an e-mail to info@critical-bit.com or drop us a message on our facebook page.

Do people actually ask these frequently asked questions?

No, We just made them up.